Samstag, Dezember 30, 2006

pero ya que regresé puedo recordar... sin nostalgia... yo no sabía y casi lo puedo tocar

Draft about my ideal room

(septiembre 2002)

* My ideal room has all types of tri-dimensional figures painted on the walls, floor, and ceiling. A white background with black cubes, spheres, spikes, and rhombus, among others.
* On the bottom of three walls, about one foot high, there are shelves that are practically falling because the screws that hold them almost can’t stand all the weight from the books.
* There are also all kinds of interesting movies and a TV.

* All kinds of music in records and a player.

* The temperature in it is cool, just the perfect temperature to be wearing long-sleeve shirts all the time.

* I have all the necessary things to create whatever comes to my mind: colors, paint, paper, etc.

* There’s a bed with no base, just the mattress.

* On top of the bed there are tiny plushies of all species of animals.

* On all sides of the room, including the floor and ceiling, there are huge windows that let me see the sky from any an
y angle.
* The only way of entering and getting out if through the huge window that’s on the floor, but it has a special mechanism that only I can activate.

* When I’m inside I feel comfortable, alone. I am happy.

* The smell changes as my mood does. All types of odors and combinations. Strawberry, dust, paint, etc.

* Inside the room I am free. I can do whatever I want.

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brainvoid hat gesagt…

pues deberías decirme que canción es esa.

yo digo que no deberías irte de nuevo para poder encontrarte =(

issa dijo que dijiste que te hablara, pero nunca me dio tu número y nunca se lo pedí porque tenía miedo de decir muchas cosas en mi cabeza pero ninguna por mi boca

gabyta hat gesagt…